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About Us

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Our goal: new and affordable products

Technic Passion is a small Swiss family business from the canton of Geneva. It is undoubtedly the LEGO® online store closest to its Customers and the first to put its passion for LEGO® at the service of Customers. The Technic Passion brand was created in 2021 through our line of conduct, which is that we want to share our passion for LEGO® and offer a wide choice of LEGO® products (mainly the Technic range) at affordable prices for everyone in order to delight both children and adults. Our passion for excellence has always been and will remain our driving force. As a result, we founded Technic Passion with one goal: to create a reliable, practical and simple online store. We know that every product matters and we do everything we can to make your shopping experience as pleasant as possible. So try and see for yourself! At Technic Passion, we guarantee that every purchase will run smoothly from start to finish. Browse our site and contact us if you have any questions or comments.


One of our particularities is to be a real family business, that is to say that we are 100% involved from A to Z in the whole process and you will always have someone on the phone to inform you, advise, assist or help you. In addition, all products displayed in our online store are physically in stock in our warehouse and available immediately. We handle ourselves each order individually with care, efficiency and meticulousness. This represents an almost personalized service, given the effort and care given to each order, which certainly makes us the most popular LEGO® sales site in Switzerland.

Our philosophy: an experience as you dreamed of!

Our popularity on the market is essentially due to the loyalty of our Customers, but also to the expansion of our customer base. Our Clients recognize themselves in our philosophy: for us, the Client is the most important person, whether in person, by telephone or any other means of communication. He does not depend on us, we depend on him. It is not the Customer who must satisfy our objectives, but it is us who must satisfy his expectations. A Client, at any time, does not interrupt or disturb our work, he is the goal and each of his interactions allows him to be placed at the top of our priorities. We are not doing him a favor by serving him, but he is doing us a favor by giving us the opportunity to act for him. A Customer is not someone to be used for their purposes but it is the sum of Customers and their own expectations that create the purpose and direction of our company. A Client is a unique person who communicates his wishes and desires to us; it is our job to satisfy them, make them happen and achieve them.

Our partnership with Nico71


Surely you have all wanted or dreamed of being able to build other interesting and informative alternative models to assemble with the parts of your favorite Lego Technic sets?


To this end, we have developed a partnership with Nico71 ( which develops and markets building instructions for complex and very realistic alternative models which are made from the parts contained in some of the most popular Lego Technic models. popular.


In order to extend your experience and increase the appeal and attractiveness of Lego sets, we offer you after purchase in our store a 10% discount code applicable to all building instructions of Nico71. Have fun and build more with your Lego pieces! If interested, please contact us after ordering to receive the code.


Below are some examples of alternative models available from sets we sell (models 42080, 42082, 42083, 42093, 42100 and 42115).

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